triple check everything

Our preparations are well under way! In less than 10 days we depart for Taiwan and Rotary District 3460. We are finding ourselves occupied with plans and lessons. Our lessons include everything from basic phrases to culture to history. Our Team Leader, Kent Wiedemann, who has spent time in Taiwan, has been extremely helpful in these matters.

We were lucky enough to be able to meet with the Rotary District 7390 Governor  Kevin Cogan. He gave us information about the history of the GVSE and about our district. We are about to embark on a tradition of international exchange!

We also had the opportunity to ask questions of LTC Yang Shui-wei of the Taiwan Army. Many of these questions related to the culture, the food, and the environment of Taiwan. We appreciate his time!

Our Team Members are (L to R)

Claire O’Brien
Lisa Howald
Hillary Henson
Randal  “Duke” Adams
Kent Wiedemann


One thought on “triple check everything

  1. What a privilege it has been Claire watching you grow into such a pleasant human bean. Have a great trip and bring us back some good stories, we’ll be watching you on our handhelds:)
    If we can keep them working while your away:)


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