The Itinerary

This week we received our itinerary! Our hosts have clearly put a tremendous amount of effort into planning a thorough and multi-faceted experience. Museums, temples, schools & universities, parks, farms, municipal offices… and the Wednesday before we leave, an entire afternoon of shopping. They thought of everything.

Today we received the heaviest snowfall of the winter in our area. I (Lisa) was grateful for the snow day and extra time to prepare– and am quite looking forward to the subtropical climate.


3 thoughts on “The Itinerary

  1. Dear GSE members of D 7390: I am Anna Lee , the GSE team leader of D3460, 2016-17. I welcome you all to Taiwan Taichung on 18th of March. I am now at NYC and will not be back to Taiwan until 20th of March. Having the snow storm here yesterday, I believed you are going to enjoy the warm and sunny weather and hospitality in Taichung! Have a safe trip and I will see you soon.

    Anna Lee D3460 GSE team leader

    從我的 iPhone 傳送

    > Rotary District 7390 於 2017年3月14日 13:43 寫道: > > >

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