We’ve arrived!

After a very long travel day, we have arrived in Taichung, Taiwan!

We were met at the airport in Taipei by members of District 3640 Rotary and members of the GSE Team that will be visiting District 7390 in a few weeks.

We then took a bus ride, from Taipei to Taichung, joined by our GSE counterparts. They helped us set up our Taiwan SIM cards and gave us a crash course in the Line App (Taiwan’s preferred cell messaging app). The bus was beautifully decorated on the inside with curtains, fringe, and fantastic patterns.

We stayed the first night in the YongShin Park resort. We all were able to shower & clean up from our travels From what I could see, when we arrived close to midnight, the grounds are beautifully appointed here – I am about to take a stroll in the sun.

Food report: For the most part, we ate airline food. I will not bore you with photos of those. Our greeting party gave us a box of “American” sandwiches when we arrived. Egg salad on white bread, and mini “burritos”.





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