Day 2

Wow, so far this trip has been pretty action-packed and we’ve just started. It’s currently 6 am and we’re just waking up and will head over to get breakfast around 7.  We’re staying at Flying Cow Farm, a local attraction where families can come and experience farm life–from playing in the fields to feeding baby animals.  It is a very comfortable room with a great view, but we are excited because at 9:00 today we will be heading home with our first host family.

Yesterday we were shown a very interesting powerpoint to help us with important Taiwanese customs that differed from the US.  For one, here in Taiwan they are very serious about separating trash and only putting the correct kind in the correct trash can.  They also do not flush anything down the toilet except waste–not even toilet paper!   That is taking some getting used to!  After the powerpoint we all gave our presentation, had lunch and then the whole group grabbed our luggage and we were off to the Flying Cow Farm.

When we arrived at the farm we took a ton of pictures with the Rotarians so they can use them for their newsletter.  Our goal is to have more pictures than the last team!  We then took a tour all over the farm to learn about their water conservation efforts and recycling. We saw so many adorable baby animals and even fed some goats and rabbits!  Then we had a huge dinner with probably about 10 courses!  Some of it was cooked right at the table and I definitely ate too much.  During the dinner we also did karaoke–everyone got up and sang songs–most of them in Taiwanese or Chinese–but there were a few in English. Then they taught us a few dances and let us sing a few songs–but I’m afraid we really butchered Hey Jude.  (Sorry Beatles fans!)

Then around nine o’clock we headed off to bed to get ready for our next adventure–and now that I’m awake and the sun is up, I am going to go get some breakfast!  Until I blog again…











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