On to our next region

March 23, and we are off to our next region of Clubs. Yesterday’s visit to A Mazu Temple was both beautiful and informative. We then went to a small museum with relics depicting the control of Taiwan by both the Chinese and Japanese.  The influences of both are very important to Taiwan’s unique culture

Our lunch was Japanese style in one of the local Rotarian’s restaurant. We were encouraged to have the steak, and I was glad I did. Some of the most tender and delicious beef I have ever had. Our hosts for the day decided we needed some rest and sent us all for massages after lunch. It was some very welcome R&R.

The afternoon had two  factory tours for us. First was a chemical company, Chintai Resins, that produces sealants. They parter with American company Chemline from St. Louis and Wexcon on the Philly area.  Much of the waterproofing we are familiar with on tennis courts, flooring and running tracks come from here.

We the toured Luan Yuan paper company.  They produce thin cardboard for gift boxes and  packaging.  They are very progressive company that is environmentally conscious with their own cogeneration energy plant from waste paper. They have their own wastewater treatment and work to have a zero waste foot print.

Our new Rotarian friends, use nicknames for themselves in the club.  Some people use American names, but commonly their name is associated with their business.  So the gentlemen who hosted us at their companies today are known as Chemical and Paper.  We have also met Rotarians named; Hat, Shoes, Lamp, Sake, and so on.  The host that opened his home to me is known as Joe.   He is an exporter, so he is Trader Joe.

We continued our evening festivities at the paper company’s facilities. As it was our last evening with this group of clubs we gave our presentation and then exchanged banners and gifts.

I am glad we will have the opportunity to see our new friends again at their district conference next week.


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