Rotary 3460 District Conference

As we mentioned previously, we attended the District Conference over the weekend; but I wanted to give you some more detail on the fun.  It was a very special and emotional year for this District as this is the last year District 3460 will exist.  They have grown so large the District must be split.  At the beginning of the next Rotary year 3460, will become Districts 3461 and 3462.

It was great to have a week here before the conference, because it seemed like we already knew so many people.  New friends we had met just a few days before seemed like old lifelong friends.  Of course, they wanted to introduce us to more friends.  As with everyday in Taiwan, we were welcomed with open arms.

The conference was attended by over 5000 Rotarians, a feat they are very proud of and should be.  It was held at the beautiful campus of National Chung Hsing University.  We were not the only foreigners in attendance.  Floyd Lancia from the Rotary Foundation was in attendance representing President John Germ who had to be in Paris.  They also had several sister clubs attending from Korea and Japan.  In addition to the business meetings, speeches, and photographs of everyone with the District Governor we saw some world-class entertainment.

Friday evening had an orchestra along with amazing singers.  We saw a disabled dance troop that was inspiring.  The troop included a man in a wheel chair, a female leg amputee, blind dancers.  To see them move on stage proved that the human spirit is capable of achieving anything with hard work and dedication.  There were also many traditional dances and dragon shows.  It was really a site to behold.  District 7390, I don’t know what the conference will be like, but there are some big shoes to fill.  😉



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