And now, the end is near…

Que up the Frank Sinatra; My Way…

We shared our last Taiwan Rotary dinner this evening.  It was a combination 1744th meeting of Taichung East Rotary Club and farewell to District 7390 GSE team dinner.  It was one of those bittersweet nights filled with joy for what we’ve shared here and knowing that we will soon join our loved ones back home.  On the other hand, such sadness to have this experience that has touched all of our lives so deeply be coming to an end.

Rotary District Governor Joy was there to host us this evening, just as he was the morning after we arrived.  Joy asked us each to speak about our time here.  He really wanted to know what Taiwan has meant to us.

The theme from all of us was the unbelievable kindness, hospitality, openness, and love that was shared with us here.  Lisa noted so well that every host family was even more kind to us than the last one was.  Hillary gave some specific shout outs to a few Rotarians who really touched are hearts and made our time together extra special.  Yo, Mickey! (Chest pound, fist pump, peace).  I was so glad Claire noted that her home is open to any of our new Taiwanese family whenever they are in PA.  A sentiment that is shared by all of us.  I don’t know what Kent said, because he gave his comments in Mandarin.  I can tell you however it got laughs, applause, and when he speaks Chinese, our new friends are both impressed and appreciative.

We will all miss this beautiful island and the people that make it so great.  I believe we can all say, “I Love Taiwan” and know that there will be a piece of this place and its people in our hearts forever.  Listening to my team members share their thoughts tonight and the conversations we’ve shared on this trip, I believe none of us are the same people that left Harrisburg on March 17.  This truly is a life altering experience.

I do not know the words that can express the gratitude I feel to Taiwan Rotary District 3460 and our home Rotary District 7390 for giving us this opportunity.  Thank you does not seem to be enough, but it is what we have.  So with the Chinese word we have likely used here the most, I say Xiexie.





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